How to smoke Hash

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  • September 2, 2018

Here are the most common ways to smoke hash:

Combine it with flower to induce stronger high, smoked in a joint, pipe or bong. Benefit of a bong is that it filters out toxins and carcinogens present in smoke.

Dropped into a glass rig, which is heated to a high temperature to produce smoke

Hot Knife
Heat two knives on a stove top, dropping a chunk on top once then reach the right temperature, use a straw to inhale smoke.

Using vaping pen, this portable device heats hash on a cyramic plate to emit vapour

Different Types of Hash

Originating in Africa and India, hash has made its way into the western world through European exploration during the 19th century. Doctors and scientists alike took advantage to study and refine hash into various forms of medication. By the 20th century, marijuana extractions were widespread in western pharmacology. However, it was during this time also that hash products were eradicated and pushed to the black market.

Ice Water
The most common form of hash found in North America today is ice water hash, also called bubble hash. Made by stirring the marijuana into a very cold bucket of ice water, which is the process that breaks off the trichomes from the plant itself. The trichomes are the good stuff, comprised of healing cannabinoids and flavourful terpenes.Thereafter, the mixture is run through a filtration system of multiple screens and layers. All this effort to break off the trichomes, leaving a gooey paste. Once the paste is dried, it has appearance of dark, moldable mass

Highly respected and highly sought-after, these imported bricks are rare to come across in today's market. Imported from Lebanon, Nepal, Afghanistan and Morocco, they are made through a process of heat and pressure and formed into bricks of hard-pressed slabs.

Royal Afghani
Using the indica plant flowers, water or tea is used to press flowers by hand until they become elastic and emit a potent smell. It's then formed into small balls or pressed into 100g slabs. Black on the outside and dark greenish brown on the inside, these bricks are stamped to prove their origin and validity.

Lebanese Hash
Flowers used for this hash are left on the field until they are almost dry, making them reddish-brown in colour. After harvest, they are delicately hung and dried. Rubbed over a fine silk cloth, the flower produces a powder that is cures in plastic bags all fall. Once aged to perfection, slabs of 100g, 200g or 1000g are pressed in the wintertime.

Indian Charas Hash
Made by rubbing marijuana flowers between hands to form a resin, rolled into balls or pressed into slabs. While dark on the outside, the dark greenish brown consistency on the inside may support traces of white lines.

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