How To Smoke Shatter

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  • September 2, 2018

Shatter has a see-through, lightly-coloured consistency resembling glass and boasts a THC content as high as 60-90%. Dry flowers are blasted with butane which acts as a solvent for extraction. It is important that no agitation occur during this process as it changes darkens the consistency to undesirably murky. The butane is then burnt off to leave highest amounts of THC and flavourful terpenes in the finished product.

Here are the most common ways to smoke hash:

Combine it with flower to induce stronger high, smoked in a joint, pipe or bong. Benefit of a bong is that it filters out toxins and carcinogens present in smoke.

Dropped into a glass rig, which is heated to a high temperature to produce smoke

Hot Knife
Heat two knives on a stove top, dropping a chunk on top once then reach the right temperature, use a straw to inhale smoke.

Using vaping pen, this portable device heats hash on a cyramic plate to emit vapour

1. Extraction by Water

Dry or fresh-frozen flowers are mixed with ice, shaken to break off the trichomes then filtered through multiple screens.

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