Blackberry Kush (AA+)
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Blackberry Kush (AA+)


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If you want to internationalize your palate with Dutch grass, you can do it with Blackberry Kush and its very special composition. This strain comes from the combination of Kush, Blueberry, and Ruderalis, resulting in a dominant Indica. When you smoke the herb, you will have an indescribable experience to feel a connection with your spiritual self. The flavors you experience with the strain are fruity, earthy, berries, and sweet tones like grapes. If you take all the flavors and smells by combining them, you have a herb for special occasions. Its flavor is everything, and from there, you can create sympathy for the herb by having nights of total happiness. The THC levels Blackberry Kush shares for you are 17% and an unknown CBD making it a safe herb. You can pull in a few joints a day and not interfere with the things you're doing that require concentration. It is a herb that adapts to your body with which you have the steering wheel on the trip you will take. Discover what are the active effects in the blackberry kush strain

You can find very refreshing effects by smoking blackberry kush, where the joy and relaxation of your body dominates. If you've had a tough day with two pulls on a joint with this strain, you will release that evil tension. Another effect that you can profit from with the strain is drowsiness, so you fall asleep quickly. You don't have to worry on the surface because blackberry kush is easy to distinguish between other plants. It is a dominant purple color strain with resin-filled buds of a very dense size. This plant usually measures 1 meter at most, and for each plant, you can extract up to 600 gram. The herb is easy to grow, without a doubt, but its disadvantage is that it takes ten weeks to flower. If you are a desperate young man who wants to smoke weed every day, you will have to wait with the strain. The great thing about this strain is that you can grow it indoors or outdoors without taking up a lot of space.
**Disclaimer** this is a budget oz, this may or may not have seeds
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