Hindu Kush (AA+)
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Hindu Kush (AA+)


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This is a variety of effects that can be better used during the day. It is a daytime indica that will help relieve physical and mental aches and pains while preserving function. That is to say that under the effects of this plant, you will carry out your daily tasks without problems. This is a taste from the crossing of the Afghan OBL and the well-known wedding cake. Its genetics are indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some characteristics of Hindu Kush - Indica

Its appearance is quite particular. It has wide, spade-shaped green sepals like asparagus, arranged in closed, stacked, and striped calyxes with slight strokes of oxide pistils. It has much greater than average coverage of medium-stemmed, large-headed hooked trichomes with small lithocysts and peltate trichomes. Its aroma on the packaging is a subtle combination of fruity, musky, and earthy scents, almost indecipherable. It acquires a strong earthy element reminiscent of expensive soil with faint notes of a pungent smell with small citrus reminiscent of lemon after grinding. The flavor is slightly sweet and not very noticeable, somewhat earthy and musky but with certain sweet notes. It is also a bit spicy, so it can cause an immediate cough. Regardless, the flavor itself wasn't noticeable, and it was mostly earthy/musky with a hint of sweetness present. Some qualities of Hindu Kush - Indica

The Hindu Kush can cause some eye pressure and immediate body relaxation. Within a few minutes, you can begin to feel the muscle tensions decrease. This effect is much faster than other varieties, where it can appear several minutes after the initial buzzing or buzzing sensations subside. There is a substantial improvement in the mood without producing euphoria. The effect's duration is usually around a maximum of one hour with a certain heaviness of thought, that is, a bit of mental slowness. These effects are usually short-lived, even less than relaxation effects, to be used as a lucid relaxant. It can be a good option to be at home and relieve some stress.
**Disclaimer** this is a budget oz, this may or may not have seeds
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