Purple Kush (AA+)
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Purple Kush (AA+)


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Purple Kush is the creation of purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush, resulting in a 75% indica dominant strain. You have to try this type of herb that, in addition to keeping a good appearance, also has an amazing flavor. With 35% sativa in the herb, it is enough to give you high THC levels but remains safe in CBD. If you want a type of herb that reminds you of hashish with this strain, you will get it and its sweet/earthy combination. It is a herb that has been available for generations imparting happiness and a bridge for you to connect with your spiritual self. A single puff is enough for you to have a special trip where you explore your body sitting on your sofa. In appearance, the purple Kush strain has very large leaves bathed in intense green with an accompanying yellow. The buds gain relevance in the strain because they are purple, paying tribute to its original name. You can easily identify the strain in addition to keeping a minimum size of 2 meters outdoors. Discover how much herb you can extract from Purple Kush

If you want to sow to harvest purple Kush, you will have to wait around nine weeks to flower. This plant will give you around 800 gram for you to consume for a few weeks at home. It is a good option that you always use this plant because its care is basic in marijuana. The flavors you will experience are spicy, earthy, with a hint of grape and a bit of hash topping it off. You will have good taste in your taste buds when preparing this type of herb with a joint. It would be an insult if you don't share this legendary herb with your friends and so you travel in company. You will find euphoria, relaxing, strong, and some hints of laziness for the effects that you will have in purple kushs. You can take the herb to relax at home after having a difficult day from so much work. In 3 hours you will experience a great trip where the grass will accompany you until the end of the tour.
**Disclaimer** this is a budget oz, this may or may not have seeds
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