Trainwreck (AA+)
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Trainwreck (AA+)


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Brought from California, you can delight in Trainwreck and its almost perfect balance turning it into a hybrid herb. Its composition of 60% indica and 40% sativa which makes it unique for you to smoke and you can feel creative effects. This is one of the few herbs that give you a CBN effect to eliminate somebody's pains. Exactly the trainwreck's origins are unknown, only that it came from California and its composition is quite widespread. In appearance, silver has elongated leaves where its green color with light features appears quickly. The buds in trainwreck are small but just enough to give a great harvest after 9 weeks. For you to enjoy the taste and smell, the strain has notes of pine, intense, spicy, and earthy to finish the line. You can smoke this strain without being bothered by a strong taste that eats away at your throat with every pull. For its composition, you can add high levels of THC, comprising 22% in total. The CBD that trainwreck has is high at 0.77%, and for the CBN that offers analgesic effects, it only comprises 0.1%. The effects that you will feel with this strain are upbeat, cerebral, relaxing, body-buzzing, and you end up being creative. It is a useful herb for parties where you will add a touch of fun to the evening. The herb can be used calmly by people who have severe joint pain and need to calm them immediately. It does not have a hallucinogenic effect on your body, so you can smoke it without fear of getting out of control. If you are an expert smoking weed, trainwreck can be the central trip for your daily smokes at home. This herb is very effective in cultivation, giving you up to 800 gram after flowering in less than nine weeks if you sow it today. The plant's size rises indoors and outdoors is 160 cm, making it an average height for you. You can have it at home and get many buds from the plant that, although they are small, can be many in quantity.
**Disclaimer** this is a budget oz, this may or may not have seeds
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