Nektr Extracts – Premium Cannabis Concentrates


Always Soil to Oil process with lab-tested results.

Nektr Extracts is looking to bring an elevated experience to the world of concentrates. Simply put, a premium product and full transparency.

By proudly using only BC’s finest bud you not only get an experience that is unbelievably aromatic, fully flavoured and clean tasting which will have your senses firing on all cylinders; but also a product that is safe and consistent.

Sold in 1 gram glass jars.

Caution: High Potency Cannabis Extracts. These products are best consumed by vaping / smoking by either using a Dab-Rig, Dab-Bong, eVape pens, or, by mixing in your joints.

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Additional information

Extracts Type:

Cured Resin, VVS Diamonds, Live Resin, Diamonds

Strain Type:

Godfather OG, Chemdawg HCE, Zkittlez, GG #4, Gorilla Bomb Sauce, Rockstar OG Sauce, Pink Kush, Platinum Rockstar, Zkittlez Sauce, GG #4, Fruity Pebbles, Captain Pink, Pink Kush, Grape Ape, Rockstar OG, Platinum Rockstar, MK Ultra, Fruity Pebbles


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